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Thorndale is a community located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The community has an estimated population of around 3,400 residents as of the 2010 census. Thorndale is also located within Caln Township and is the commercial and administrative hub for the said township. The main street for the community is U.S. Route 30 Business. The area was well known for being the place that US President James Buchanan had his summer home. The same summer home has been incorporated into a gold course and the house turned into a restaurant. Thorndale is served by the Thorndale Fire Station and Caln Elementary School. Many of the homes in Thorndale fell apart in the late 1990s and were torn down for new businesses. 

It goes without saying that some of the many older homes in the Thorndale area are bound to experience some level of basement flooding or other water-based damage at some point. But it’s not just old homes that are susceptible to water damage, newer homes with poor foundation work done on them can also experience water damage. Contact DMR Waterproofing at the first sign of water damage in your Thorndale home before the problem becomes more severe.

Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Thorndale, PA
Thorndale, PA French Drain Installation

Thorndale, PA French Drain Installation

Basement waterproofing is a daunting task to take on yourself and for many other Thorndale homeowners. As one of the leading Waterproofing companies in the Thorndale area, we always recommend approaching professionals for all your waterproofing needs. That is where DMR Waterproofing comes in to help. We stand out from other waterproofing companies by taking the time to fully go over your Thorndale property and walk you through all available options for waterproofing your basement. We will make you aware of the pros and cons of each option and help determine what will work best for you and your wallet.    

French drains are one of the most popular and common waterproofing solutions that can work for most Thorndale homes. French drain installation works best for eliminating hydrostatic pressure leaks in the basement’s floor cracks and seams. Our contractors will be able to cover area leaks, which will occur where slabs meet the wall of your Thorndale basement. 

Contact our pros at DMR Waterproofing to learn more about our French drain installation services, as well as our other basement waterproofing solutions for Thorndale, PA homes.

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Water intrusion can start in many different ways and can cause many different problems for your Thorndale home. Some of the most common intrusions we see are called the clay bowl effect or the hydrostatic pressure effect. The clay bowl effect is when the soil that is around your home’s foundation has started to absorb more water than usual. The weight of the soil becomes heavy and the saturated soil puts pressure on your home’s foundation. We are the go-to waterproofing company in Thorndale, reach out to us if you notice cracks or irregularities in the walls or foundation of your home. Our waterproofing contractors are trained to help find the source of the water intrusion and determine the best and most effective solution for waterproofing your Thorndale basement. Contact DMR Waterproofing today to learn about how our basement waterproofing contractors can help keep your Thorndale area basement protected from storms, water damage, and flooding!

Basement Waterproofing Company in Thorndale, PA

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