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Much of the village’s early history was characterized by the two canals. The Schuylkill Canal and Brower’s Locks at Oaks were constructed by the Schuylkill Navigation Company in 1825, and the system was actively used. The community of Oaks was named after Thomas Oakes, the canal’s designer. The canal was mostly replaced by the train later in the nineteenth century. The Oaks station was established by the Perkiomen Railroad in 1868. The small route became the Perkiomen Branch of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, also known as the Reading Railroad. Around the station, Oaks settlement sprouted.

It goes without saying that some of the many older homes in the Oaks region may suffer from basement flooding or other water-related damage at some point. However, it is not only older properties that are vulnerable to water damage; newer homes with faulty foundation work can also suffer from water damage in Oaks. Contact DMR Waterproofing as soon as you see any signs of water damage in your Oaks home, before the problem worsens and becomes more expensive.

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Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Oaks, PA
Oaks, PA French Drain Installation

Oaks, PA French Drain Installation

Waterproofing a basement can be a daunting process for many Oaks homeowners, especially when contractors advice on which strategy is best might vary greatly amongst waterproofing businesses. As one of the best Waterproofing businesses in Oaks, we always advocate contacting a professional for all of your waterproofing needs. That’s where DMR Waterproofing comes in. We distinguish ourselves from other waterproofing firms by thoroughly inspecting your Oaks property and walking you through all viable basement waterproofing alternatives. We will inform you of the benefits and drawbacks of each option and assist you in determining which is best for you and your budget.
We teach our contractors in the installation of French drains, which is a standard waterproofing method that works incredibly well for the majority of Oaks homes. French drain installation is the most effective way to minimize hydrostatic pressure leaks in basement floor cracks and seams, as well as cove area leaks that occur where slabs meet the wall of your Oaks basement.
Contact DMR Waterproofing to learn more about our French drain installation services and other basement waterproofing solutions for Oaks, PA homes.

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basement water incursion in Oaks. The clay bowl effect occurs when the excavated soil surrounding your home’s foundation is not as firmly packed as natural soil. Because of this lack of density, the earth around the home’s foundation absorbs more water. The weight of this heavy, saturated soil presses against your home’s foundation, causing fractures, bends and warping. When this weight forces water into the basement through holes, cracks, and gaps, hydrostatic pressure occurs.

We are the go-to waterproofing business in Oaks; contact us if you discover cracks or anomalies in your home’s walls or foundation. Our waterproofing technicians are qualified to locate the cause of the water incursion and identify the finest and most effective waterproofing solution for your Oaks basement. DMR Waterproofing can help keep your Oaks area basement safe from storms, water damage, and flooding! Contact us now to learn more about how our basement waterproofing contractors can help keep your Oaks area basement safe from storms, water damage, and flooding!

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