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One of the three historic districts in West Bradford Township listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Marshallton is located within Chester County, Pennsylvania. The Marshallton Historic District encompasses 65 contributing buildings and 3 sites. Some of the contributing buildings include Humphry Marshall House, Marshallton Inn, and Bradford Friends Meetinghouse. The community of Marshallton was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. Marshallton is located near Highland Orchard, which is a pick-your-own orchard offering various produce year-round with apples and pumpkins being the most popular. Highland Orchards is also a popular field trip destination. 

There are much older or even new homes that may experience some form of basement flooding or other water-based damages at some point in and around the Marshallton area. You can run into issues that your home wasn’t up to code or the home wasn’t waterproofed properly. Avoid these headaches by working with DMR Waterproofing. Contact DMR Waterproofing at the first sign of water damage in your Marshallton home before the problem becomes more severe and costly.


Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Marshallton, PA
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For many of the homeowners in Marshallton, waterproofing your basement can be a daunting task. It gets even more complicated when the advice from contractors on which is the best approach drastically differs between waterproofing companies. We take the time to observe every available option for waterproofing your basement. Here at DMR Waterproofing, we weigh the pros and cons of each option to determine what will work best for your Marshallton basement’s situation, as well as your wallet.

One of the most popular and common waterproofing solutions that can work for most homes in the Marshallton area is French Drains. If you want to eliminate hydrostatic pressure leaks in the basement floor cracks and seams, as well as cove area leaks, which will occur where slabs meet the wall of your Marshallton basement, then a French Drain is what you are looking for. 

Reach out to our experts at DMR Waterproofing to learn more about our French drain installation services, as well as our other basement waterproofing solutions for Marshallton, PA homes.

Basement Waterproofing Company in Marshallton, PA

There are many causes of basement water flooding and intrusion that we have noticed over the years. Among the many causes for basement water intrusion, the clay bowl effect and hydrostatic pressure are the most common. The clay bowl effect occurs when the soil surrounding your Marshallton home’s foundation is not as packed and dense as the soil located farther away from the home. This lack of density causes the soil surrounding the house to become more saturated with water. The weight of this soil exerts pressure on your home’s foundation walls, which leads to cracks and warping in the walls above. Hydrostatic pressure is a phenomenon that occurs when the wall gives and tiny holes are formed, letting water into your Marshallton basement. This pressure can cause cracks, holes, and gaps in the foundation.

If your Marshallton basement walls are already leaking, DMR Waterproofing offers a customized interior basement waterproofing system. We can customize the system to control leakage of water without making modifications to the area around your Marshallton home. We offer this waterproofing service to both finished and unfinished basements. Our contractors will utilize a sump pump and sump pit to drain water. Contact DMR Waterproofing today to learn about how our basement waterproofing contractors can help keep your Marshallton area basement protected from storms, water damage, and flooding!

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