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The community of Glenmoore is located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Glenmoore was notable for being home to the Upattinas School and Resource Center from 1971 to 2014. It was a private, non-profit school that served kindergarten through 12th grade and has homeschool resources. Situated on Pennsylvania Route 282, Glenmore is a historic village within Wallace Township. The area is also the birthplace of William Moore McClure, who was a Union Army colonel in the American Civil War. Glenmoore was written about by DeLeon in Pennsylvania Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities, and Other Offbeat Stuff. The community of Glenmoore also falls within the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. 

There are much older or even new homes that may experience some form of basement flooding or other water-based damages at some point in and around the Glenmoore area. You can run into issues that your home wasn’t up to code or the home wasn’t waterproofed properly. Avoid these headaches by working with DMR Waterproofing. Contact DMR Waterproofing at the first sign of water damage in your Glenmoore home before the problem becomes more severe and costly.


Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Glenmoore, PA
French Drain Installation Services in Glenmoore, PA

Glenmoore, PA French Drain Installation

Waterproofing a basement can be a formidable task for many Glenmoore homeowners especially due to the fact that advice from contractors on which is the best approach can drastically be different between waterproofing companies. DMR Waterproofing stands out from the competition, as we take the time to observe every available option for waterproofing your basement while weighing the pros and cons of each to determine what will work best for your Glenmoore basement’s situation, as well as your wallet.

French drains are one of the most popular and common waterproofing solutions that can work for most Glenmoore homes. French drain installation will work best to eliminate hydrostatic pressure leaks in the basement floor cracks and seams, as well as cove area leaks, which will occur where slabs meet the wall of your Glenmoore basement. 

Reach out to our experts at DMR Waterproofing to learn more about our French drain installation services, as well as our other basement waterproofing solutions for Glenmoore, PA homes.

Basement Waterproofing Company in Glenmoore, PA

There are many causes of basement water flooding and intrusion, and the most common we see here at DMR Waterproofing is clay bowl and hydrostatic pressure. When soil surrounding your Glenmoore home’s foundation is not properly packed and dense enough and that lack of density can cause your home’s soil surrounding your house to become more saturated with water. The weight of the soil can apply pressure on your home’s basement foundation walls, which can cause cracks and warp in the walls. This effect is known as the clay bowl effect.  Hydrostatic pressure is a phenomenon that occurs when the wall gives and tiny holes are formed, letting water into your Glenmoore basement. This pressure can cause cracks, holes, and gaps in the foundation.

For basement walls that are already leaking, we offer a customized interior basement waterproofing system for our Glenmoore clients. The new system can control the leakage of water without making modifications to the area around your home. This basement waterproofing service can be installed in both unfinished and finished Glenmoore basements. It will utilize a sump pit and sump pump to drain water. Contact DMR Waterproofing today to learn about how our basement waterproofing contractors can help keep your Glenmoore area basement protected from storms, water damage, and flooding!

Glenmoore, PA Basement Waterproofing Company

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