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The Glen Mills area is located about thirty miles outside of Philadelphia in Delaware County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Residents of Glen Mills, PA live in close proximity to many shopping areas, entertainment facilities, bars and restaurants. The Glen Mills area also contains rich colonial history.

Glen Mills, PA, like many neighboring communities, was part of the area of land given to William Penn in 1681. It was originally settled by George Cheyney, for which the neighboring community of Cheyney was named. Glen Mills gets its name from actual paper mills that were built by the Willcox’s in 1835 and 1846.

Pennsylvania basements are particularly vulnerable to basement flooding, so if you aren’t sure that your Glen Mills area basement is safe, we can help. 


Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Glen Mills, PA
French Drain Installation Services in Glen Mills, PA

Glen Mills, PA French Drain Installation

Our waterproofing services at DMR Waterproofing stand out from other waterproofing services in Glen Mills, PA, because our waterproofing professionals take the time to carefully consider each option available when it comes to waterproofing your Glen Mills area basement. We make it our chief goal to find out what will work best for your Glen Mills area basement.

For Glen Mills area homes, french drain installation is a common waterproofing solution. The reason is simple: french drain systems just work well. DMR Proofing prides itself in our French Drain Services. Our french drain installation will eliminate hydrostatic pressure leaks in the basement floor.
Call DMR Waterproofing and talk to our expert waterproofing services providers to find out how our French drain installation services can protect your Glen Mills, PA home.

Basement Waterproofing Company in Glen Mills, PA

The clay bowl effect and hydrostatic pressure cause cracks and warping and force the water into your basement through holes, gaps, and cracks. They are two of the many causes of basement water intrusion in Glen Mills, PA. Our Glen Mills, PA basement waterproofing specialists are here to help stop water from entering your home’s basement! We can find the source of water intrusion and then determine the most effective basement waterproofing solution for you.

Our interior basement waterproofing systems are customized and tailored to our customers in Glen Mills, PA. They work to control the leakage of water without making modifications to the soil surrounding your Glen Mills, PA home. Whether your basement is unfinished or finished, our waterproofing services can be used to waterproof it. We can utilize a sump pit and sump pump to drain water in your Glen Mills area basement.

Contact DMR today to learn more on how our basement waterproofing contractors can help keep your Glen Mills, PA basement protected from storms, water damage, and flooding!

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