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Paoli is a town located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Paoli started as a town that grew around an inn kept in 1769 by Joshua Evans. The area of Paoli is home to two corporate headquarters, one being AMETEK, a producer of electronic instruments, and DuckDuckGo, an Internet Search Engine. Within Paoli, there are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks for the residents who live there to enjoy. Home to many businesses ranging from small brick-and-mortar shops to well-known outlets, Paoli has a wide variety of shopping options.

It’s no mystery that many of the older homes around Paoli will experience basement flooding or other water-based damage at some point. It is critical you act quickly and hire a professional basement waterproofing contractor when you notice any sort of water damage or leaking in your Paoli home’s basement, as handling the problem earlier on will help you avoid far more costlier damages in the future. Don’t wait until any flooding or major water damage already occurs to call our experts over. Contact our basement waterproofing contractors at DMR Waterproofing today to get a free estimate on your Paoli home’s basement!

Paoli, PA Basement Waterproofing Contractor
French Drain Installation Services in Paoli, PA

Paoli, PA French Drain Installation

Waterproofing a basement can be a formidable task for many Paoli homeowners especially due to the fact that as advice from contractors on which is the best approach can drastically be different between waterproofing companies. DMR Waterproofing stands out from the competition, as we take the time to observe every available option for waterproofing your basement, while weighing the pros and cons of each to determine what will work best for your Paoli basement’s situation, as well as your wallet.

French Drain installation is a common waterproofing solution that works exceptionally well for Paoli homes. This is an option we offer that we here at DMR Proofing prides ourselves in. French drain installation will work best to eliminate hydrostatic pressure leaks in the basement floor cracks and seams, as well as cove area leaks (those that occur where the slab meets the wall of the basement).

Reach out to our experts at DMR Waterproofing to learn more about our French drain installation services, as well as our other basement waterproofing solutions for Paoli, PA homes.

Basement Waterproofing Company in Paoli, PA

There are many causes for water intrusion in Paoli home’s basements, with the most common being the clay bowl effect and hydrostatic pressure. The clay bowl effect occurs when the excavated soil around the home is less densely packed than the natural soil. The lack in density allows the soil surrounding the home’s foundation to absorb more water. The weight of this heavy, saturated soil continuously puts pressure on your home’s foundation, which can lead to cracks, bends, and warping. Hydrostatic pressure occurs when this weight also forces water in through holes, cracks, and gaps leading into your home’s basement. If your basement has become flooded or you’ve noticed cracks or irregularities in the foundation, our Paoli, PA basement waterproofing specialists are ready to help! You can count on us to find the source of the water and determine the most effective basement waterproofing solution for your Paoli home.

For basement walls that are already leaking, we offer a customized interior basement waterproofing system for our Paoli clients. The new system can control the leakage of water without making modifications to the area around your home. This basement waterproofing service can be installed in both unfinished and finished Paoli basements. It will utilize a sump pit and sump pump to drain water. 

Call DMR Waterproofing today to learn more on how our basement waterproofing contractors can help keep your Paoli, PA basement protected from storms, water damage, and flooding!

Paoli, PA Basement Waterproofing Company

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