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Allentown is a city in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. In the 2020 census Allentown had a population of 125,845. Allentown continues to grow and has now become the third largest city in Pennsylvania, behind Philadelphia and Pittsburg. There is lots to do when visiting Allentown, like going to a minor league baseball game or going to Dorney Park.

Thorough the life of your Allentown home you are bound to come across some sort of water damage, especially if you have an older home.  Even newer homes experience flooding or other types of damage due to a weak foundation. At DMR Waterproofing, we stop the problem before it starts and can ensure these costly issues won’t happen again.

Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Allentown, PA
Allentown, PA French Drain Installation

Allentown, PA French Drain Installation


Waterproofing is not an easy task and for many houses in Allentown it will requie a couple different techniques in order to properly waterproof your huse. Here at DMR waterproofing, we strive to make not only our physical services efficient but our consultation as well. To ensure our customers get the best service possible we focus on key details of each home. We work closely with you to find the best option that fits into your budget but still gets ride of the risk you property may face. 

Our professions specialize in the method of French drain installation. We have had amazing feed back from this method use in the Allentown area. The French drain is a simple yet effective solution that will cover leaks in your basements. 

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In Allentown the clay bowl effect and hydrostatic pressure are very common occurrences of water damage. The clay bowl effect happens when the soil around a house is not as dense as surrounding soil. This causes an increased water absorption around the house and leads to instability surrounding the house which creates uneven pressures ultimately leading to hydrostatic pressure. The hydrostatic pressure is responsible for warping and cracks around the house.

Contact out professionals right away if your home shows signs of damage. We are the best experts in the Allentown, PA area for waterproofing. Get in contact with DMR Waterproofing today to start your consultation.

Basement Waterproofing Company in Allentown, PA

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